About Me

20180306_084438Hello! My name is Ronnie and welcome to my blog! Some of you may question the name…”She STILL rambles?” What’s that about? Well, this is blog #2 for me. You can also find me at http://www.ronnierambleson.com. I started that blog several years ago as a way to explore some changes happening in my life, as well as a way to express my love of writing. However, my equally strong love of fashion and style took over and it wasn’t long before Ronnie Rambles On became a fashion blog, and it was increasingly difficult to smoothly meld my writing into the mix.

After much thought, I decided to find a quiet place on the web just for my writing. What kind of writing you may ask? Well, you’ll find a little bit of everything – wherever the Spirit may lead me. I make no apologies and no excuses. Some may be fiction, some true stories from my life (with a little creative liberty), simple thoughts and ruminations and some devotional. I write for myself, to release my heart and my soul, because it’s just who I am. If somebody, anybody enjoys even one piece, that blesses me. But, if not, I would write anyway! 🙂

Thank you, again, for stopping by! I hope I see you often!

(And, if the spirit moves you, visit my other site – http://www.ronnierambleson.com)